The Conservatory & Courtyard is part of the Sussex County Fairgrounds, home of the The New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show.

Set in rural northwestern Augusta, New Jersey on 145 acres, our fairgrounds can provide buildings, barns, pavilions, ample parking, and much more to meet your needs. Horse Show rings, stalls, and a dedicated office are available to run a large or small horse show. The Administration Building houses the fair offices, meeting rooms and a first aid area. A map of the fairgrounds is available showing the permanent structures at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, All-Season (NOT during the New Jersey State Fair) rentals are available throughout the fairgrounds for an array of all social & corporate planned occasions. Many events open to the public are held at the fairgrounds and are FREE for attendence.

The Sussex County Fairgrounds have handicapped parking and the facilities are wheelchair accessible.

For more information about renting the Sussex County Fairgrounds please contact Barbara L. Wortmann.



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